Simplifying GDPR – Your Essential Exonar Four-Part Guide

Understand the game – then score some easy wins and be 2-0 up by half-time

It’s one of those large-scale legislative changes to the way we all work that always seems a long way off and then suddenly heaves into view – GDPR. 

We’ve plenty of thoughts on the subject, thoughts that we believe are worth sharing and will help you in your approach to managing this new regulation.

At Exonar we help you map and understand your personal data: instantly, simply and at scale. Yes, GDPR arrives on May 25th 2018. Yes, the clock is ticking – but no, it’s not the complex and resource-sapping behemoth you could be excused for assuming. It’s an evolution of the UK’s existing Data Protection Act 1998, not a revolution; it clarifies, simplifies and codifies data protection for the digital age. It’s also a terrific opportunity to streamline the way you use personal data – in easier and more effective ways than you might think – while adding significantly to your audience’s trust in your organisation and brand.

Our free fortnightly guides will cut through the myths and help you get a grip on GDPR as May approaches – and here is Part 1. Let us help you see GDPR in a different, practical light.

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